Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

So You Want To Write ? Workshop Series

1. The Power Of Your Words: Using Emotion In Writing

Your words can have an impact on anyone who reads them. They can enlighten, entertain, sadden, anger, teach or inspire laughter. Writing to evoke emotion is a skill every good writer wants to create a connection with the reader. People may not recall every word you write; but they will not forget how they felt while reading them!

2. Write Into The Heart

Writing what you know is not the same as writing from your heart. When you tap into your heart, you create a bond with your reader impacting their senses and making them want more. Create love bites from your heart to theirs.

3. For Love Of Words

Readers love words and the way you put words together is what makes your writing unique. If your writing feels like it is getting stale to you, how does that translate to your readers? Refresh it with captivating, new life.

4. After The Manuscript

It’s finished!! Time to celebrate. But wait! Now what?

Where do you go from here?

Find your best option based on your personality and the subject matter of your book.


“This is to acknowledge that the Stuart MacPherson Public Library in Lac La Biche greatly appreciated the presentation on ” The Power Of Your Words” by M.J. Domet during the recent annual “Love Your Libraries” event. Ms Domet offered some thought provoking insights into writing in its many forms in a stimulating, interactive and enjoyable way.” -Stuart MacPherson Public Library Lac La Biche


Now Online through Skype or Zoom. 1/1 Teaching.

Each workshop is $25.00 or Take all for $75.00 in a series.

To find out if this is a fit for you contact M.J. at expecttobeempowered@gmail.com

How you enroll or Order Online Workshops:

  1. Click on any links above to read about the workshops or online workshops that interest you.
  2. Decide which classes or workshops you want to take.
  3. Email me at (expecttobeempowered at gmail.com ) with the name of the workshop you'd like to take and any questions you have.
    1. I will send you an invoice once we have discussed dates.
    2. When you receive the invoice, e-transfer me the amount at the same email address
    3. Note: if you have any problems, I can be reached via email

Contact M.J. for Dates and cost.


M.J. Domet

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