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Image and words from: Bridge to Lemuria - Faith Spina, Founder & Author

Over ten years ago I started a series of classes called “The Empowerment Series”. This series was designed to help people recognize where their blocks were in different areas such as relationships, parenting, with money and other abundances, body image and more. Once recognized, these issues could be released. Over time, I began teaching other workshops and writing a couple of books and this series quietly disappeared. As my students progressed, so did I, giving them what they needed at the time.

I've been getting messages that it's time to revive this series as more people are seeing spirituality as their answer to self-awareness. There is nothing more individual as self-awareness. Not everyone has the same experiences or the same reaction to experiences, so the more specific the healing is,the more effective it will be.

As online seems to be the place to be in this society, I'm pleased to offer each of these classes as a series of downloadable publications. My intent is to release one a month beginning with “Muscle Response” which teaches you how to access your inner knowledge, leaving your conscious mind out of the scenario, so you don't have the chance to judge yourself. To follow will be booklets of aforementioned titles and others.

Each publication is $5.00 paid through PayPal. In addition, You get a free 1⁄2 hour appointment to provide understanding and answer questions about the booklet(s) you ordered. Find the form below to book your appointment.

My mission has always been to "teach, empower and inspire others". I look forward to meeting you “on the path.”

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Booklet #1: "Muscle Response”:

which teaches you how to access your inner knowledge, leaving your conscious mind out of the scenario, so you don't have the chance to judge yourself.PDF format Can read on any mobile device or computer.

Booklet 2: Doorway to Abundance

Doorway To Abundance helps you to ascertain where you have blocks to getting what you deserve, from happiness to financial security to gratitude etc. This booklet is geared to abundance in general. The information following this one will be aligned with specific areas such as relationships and career. I recommend that you have Booklet #1 which explains muscle response to assist you in working with Booklet #2 on.

Booklet #3: -Empowering Relationships

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of life. Whether romantic, intimate or casual your interactions with others gives you clues to your own soul personality as others mirror characteristics back to you. When you are able to see and release the behaviours you dislike in yourself, all of your relationships miraculously improve.

Booklet #4: -Understanding Addicitions

Addiction is an issue that is familiar to many these days. It's important to get to the root of the addiction in order to understand and release it from your life. This booklet invites you to investigate root causes and release them.

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