Mentorship Experience

Mentoring Program SAGE- Spiritually Aligned Guided Empowerment

More Than Just An Experience, SAGE Mentoring is building a healing community.

Hi, Thank you for your interest in the mentorship experience! 

The program is open to people who have an interest in opening up to their spiritual side a bit more than an occasional class provides. You are wanting to really delve into the healing energies for yourself and/ or to help others. 

  • -This experience concentrates on healing physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Within it, you will learn modalities dealing with all these areas. 
  • - It identifies your strengths and those areas which need some TLC. 
  • -Helps you open your gifts and identify your calling. 
  • -During the 6 or 9 month period, we will meet 3 or 4 days a month as a group to learn and practice. 
  • -Individual 1-1 once a week. 30 min-1 hour ( These can be in person, by phone or Skype), depending upon what you have questions, concerns etc. about. 
  • - You will have homework, but how much you do depends upon you.   

A lot of it will be personal, but some practice. If you don't have anyone to work with at home, you can work with me or another group member. ( 1-2 hours/week). 

  • -The 6-month mentorship is for those who want this program more for yourself or to become a certified energy practitioner. 
  • - The 9 month program is for anyone who wants to become a teacher/mentor. When this experience takes off, as by the interest shown- it will-, I will ask you to become a paid 1/1 mentor within the program, if you feel you would like to.

Additional: Optional- Attending the monthly sharing groups, first and third Thursdays of the month. Can attend when convenient for you. Spiritual Fairs- Good learning opportunity. When I am involved, you can share some time with me there, if you desire. Good practice. This is a part of what we will be doing, but it will all come together ....

Your investment is very small for what you get, considering the information and hours of mentoring involved. Oh- yes, the mentoring is ongoing and does not end after the 6 or 9 month period. It won't be to the same degree, but for those times you need some renewal. I have broken it down for you, but am willing to talk with you about what works for you, especially if you have already taken some training with me.

So, if you have an average of 3-4 days a month ( probably weekends) but this depends on the group, and an average of 3 hours a week to open up to all that is within, this program is for you.

If there is more interest than spaces, I will put your name on a waiting list for the next session which will open up, most likely, in September 2017.  I really want you to benefit from this program, so want to give you a lot of attention which only comes with having a smaller class.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or would like to register. 

Blessings, M.J.

I contacted Marilyn originally to find out if she would be teaching Reiki and Animal Spirit Guides in the spring of 2015. This coincided with my own spiritual awakening and her web page was so inspiring and intriguing. She replied very quickly and suggested I may be a candidate for a mentorship! Needless to say, with the love and support of my family and friends, I jumped in head first and words cannot express what an amazing and life changing experience it has been. I am now practicing Usui and Karuna Reiki, Deep Cellular Healing, Face & Body Reading and incorporated Crystal and Sound Healing along with Chakra balancing with my clients. I have had the absolute pleasure of co-teaching Kid’s Reiki with Marilyn and plan to continue working with children in the future, and look forward to mentoring and co-teaching with Marilyn for as many classes as I’m able. I highly recommend this mentorship experience for anyone wanting to incorporate any of these healing modalities in their practice or even just to expand their own growth and spiritual awakening. 

Thank you, Marilyn, for this absolutely life-changing mentorship! I am so grateful for the relationships and connections made; bonds that will last lifetimes! 

Andrea Aspeslet, Peace River, Alberta-Member of SAGE 1- Usui and Karuna Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Deep Cellular Healing Practitioner/Teacher, SAGE Mentor, Empowerment Workshops Teacher, W.A.V.E.S. Teacher -Andrea Aspeslet Peace River, Alberta

To find out if this is a fit for you contact M.J. at