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Under Attack?

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OK, Universe, what is going on? Since last August, I’ve felt under aggressive attack. First, my car was broken into and many things were taken. Then, I had a collection agency call me in November to say I had a credit card that was in collections (a card I had paid off and cancelled a year before). Just last month, I was cyber attacked. Yesterday, upon answering the phone, I was told that we had won 1.5 million dollars from a sweepstakes neither my husband nor I had entered.

In addition to the above, I’ve had 3 different incidences of prairie chickens killing themselves, by hitting our house in full flight, within the last 6 months. The booming bang as they hit the wall or broke the outside glass gave me goosebumps, as I knew the message was for me. We’ve lived here for over 20 years and not one incident like this has ever happened before


Tracing my teachings, I understand that what happens outside of yourself is an indication of what is happening within. And that is when I finally get it. The attack is not coming from outside of myself- I am beating myself up. Understanding why is the next step!

The prairie chickens are the answer to that question. Their gift is showing us that being ourselves in all situations is the magic we possess. Being truly honest, without the influence of others opinions as to who we are and what we believe, is our greatest accomplishment.

The universe provides us with answers and not always in the gentlest of ways. Oh-it starts out being easy enough, but the lessons become stricter as time lengthens between the first push and the emergence of understanding why things are happening. Now, nearly a year later, I have found the answer.

This activity all began around the same time I started the SAGE Experience last February. SAGE has been the highlight of my life in many ways. I am gathering beautiful light workers together to study and reach out to those who are struggling in life through practitioner work and /or teaching as they work through their own stories. This mentorship program has brought me joy, my love of teaching, my purpose and the financial abundance that I have struggled with all of my life. In other words, SAGE has brought me success. And, I felt that I don’t deserve it! Yes, even after all my work on myself, I still was debating my worth and self-attacking in more ways than one.

Usually, I’m outside a lot just walking, horseback riding or cross-country skiing in the winter. This winter, I just didn’t have the energy.

I had been aware of my Mom’s presence around me more than usual the last few months, but her messages to me were very unclear and I spent a couple of months with an excruciating ear infection. I finally sought out a well-respected, gifted medium to transcribe the message I was not getting. What she said, without any forthcoming information from me, was that Mom was worried about my physical health because I hadn’t been eating, therefore, didn’t have any energy. The truth of this message hit me harsh and hard! I really hadn’t felt much like eating for some time and had to force myself to shovel in a spoonful most of the time.

All of this information blended together into a mist of unfiltered truth. The universe hadn’t conspired against me by gathering all those brilliant swindlers together. In order to make me aware of the fraud I was committing against myself, it was helping me become aware of my worth so I would recognize it. Because of my knowledge of animal messages, the prairie chickens became the obvious choice to sacrifice themselves for my learning. Gratitude and blessings to them for that all-consuming action of love.

I’d always felt that real success had eluded me, but it hasn’t. It’s been there waiting for me to acknowledge myself worthy of accepting it.




But, I’m hungry, now, so catch you later. Would love to hear from you about your own patterns of universal messages. Maybe we can figure them out together if you haven’t already?





Please leave your comment below would love to hear from you.

M.J. Domet


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  1. Thank you for this blog. You help me to understand the universal messages for myself. I’m getting better at understanding them and this blog helps me.

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