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The Journey Continues…

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My first book, Waves of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul is now a year old and what a year it has been!

When the idea for the book came to me, the only expectation I had was to reach a wider audience with a simple view of spirituality―showing them how to apply and have it manifest in their lives. The occurrences in my life are reminiscent of wh

at many people experience on their way to greater awareness. In sharing these incidents with others and voicing the effect they had on me, I hope to inspire others to acknowledge their experiences reserving judgement on themselves or the other players involved.

From the responses I have received so far, I believe the desired result has manifested for many. With readers from around the world―Scotland, Ireland, Australia, India as well as the United States and Canada, Waves of Blue Light has reached an international audience; reflecting my intent of gaining a wider audience and, I believe, this is just the beginning.

This initial intent has expanded to reaching out in a bigger way through teaching and speaking; manifesting very rapidly as I have been invited to present at conferences and seminars throughout Canada. As easy as this seems to transpire, I really have had to trust and follow my intuition as to the next steps to take on this journey―giving up my treatment room, referring my loyal clients to other practitioners and taking that trusting step toward changing what had been my comfortable routine for the past few years. I don’t believe it is a universal test―just a confirmation of my loyalty to purpose and intent. I am being shown the way to achieve what I had requested. It’s my decision to move forward or hold back. I choose to move forward.

When you have a purposeful intent, the universe does all it can to make sure you achieve it successfully. It is you who prevents your wish from happening because of fear or reluctance to step outside of what is modus operandi. When you take that first step of trust, more steps appear on the climb to the next level. It is you who decides whether to ascend or remain comfortably stagnant. There is no judgement or punishment attached to your decision although the messages may become more pronounced the more you struggle with making a choice.

Listening to that inherent communication we are all so blessed to have and trusting your decisions can lead you to the incredible life you have lived in your mind or on your vision board. Not paying attention does not demote you―you are still your awesome self; but intent requires action and you are the only one who can get yourself moving. Nobody can smack your behind as effectively as you are able to. Whether or not to slap it and how hard you hit is all up to you!

The Climb by Milley Cyruswhich I hope gives you a picture of what I just wrote.  

Take 3 minutes and listen and watch.

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  1. Congratulations on a successful first year with your book. A very powerful book to read. If you have not read it I recommend getting a copy and reading it today!

  2. Not long ago i found your internet site and poessss been reading along. I figured I would leave my 1st comment. Nice blog. I am going to keep visiting this site very frequently. Thanks

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