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Every month, join us as we will be interviewing and sharing the wisdom of today’s leading authors, coach’s, entrepreneurs and teachers. Tune into this new radio station that is taking the internet by storm! Don’t miss a show, sign up today!

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Join us and feel inspired by the amazing people that have turned tragedy into blessings!

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Embrace a community of people that are loving, kind and courageous!

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Tune in for beautiful interviews that will expand your consciousness and bring a new awareness into your reality!

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Join us while we explore everyday issues and blessings on this journey to be more spiritual! Covering everything from intuition, business, money, grief, sex, and so much more!


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We are here to deliver heart centered, meaningful content that invites you to get excited about your life! Our mission is to provide spiritually guided radio with passion and integrity.

Host: Therese Nadeau

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Canada’s #1 Psychic Empath, Therese Nadeau is a gifted intuitive coach that spreads love and acceptance wherever she goes. She is passionate about teaching empathic and Highly Sensitive People to trust in their intuitive wisdom. Therese provides powerful group workshops and ceremonies in retreats and healing centres around the world.  From her own experiences with trauma and addiction, she has dedicated her life to helping others on their path to healing. Therese is co-creator of Oracle Talk Radio, a Reiki Master teacher, Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading teacher and has studied a variety of other modalities in spirituality.

“I absolutely love teaching other psychic empaths to honour their ability to feel deeply and know things that cannot be seen. It’s not a curse being sensitive, but a powerful and wonderful gift to be harnessed and used to bring love to the world.”


Host: M.J. Domet

M.J. Domet’s early life was definitely not an indication of where her path would lead her. Through the tears of her experiences, the tragedies and the triumphs, M.J. has built her reputation as a best-selling, multi-award-winning author, workshop facilitator, inspirational speaker, mentor and radio host. In her 14+ years as owner of Expect To Be Empowered, M.J. has inspired hundreds of clients and students, empowering them with life changing tools and guiding them on their journey to enlightenment.

“My teaching comes from the heart, my Wisdom from within; expect to be empowered by embracing the teachings of your heart and accepting your own innate wisdom” M.J. Domet

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