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Soul Medicine: A Splash Of Blue Light and Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup

One Journey Impacts the Lives of Many

Beaverlodge, AB—Life is good for award winning Alberta author, M.J. Domet. Her debut book, Waves Of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul, received a gold medal as the 2012 Living Now Spirit Book of the Year, an award honouring books which help people and future generations to heal themselves. Also in 2012, the best selling author was named Ashford Radio’s Inspirational Author of the Year. Now in the first new months of 2013, Ms. Domet is the featured cover story in the winter edition of Guided Synergy Magazine, a holistic lifestyle publication, and is presenting a workshop at the ‘Experience The Peace’ Conference sponsored by the magazine from April 26-28 in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Other presenters include Jack Canfield, co-author of the best selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series and David Ji, author and lead educator of the Chopra Center for Well-Being in California.

Using M.J.’s full name…Marilyn Dometraschuk, the feature article of the magazine, entitled ‘Empowering Herself and Others’, is an inspiring look into her remarkable life story. This “country girl” who came from a background of family history rife with alcoholism and abuse, is an author, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator who teaches people how to help themselves to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The heart-warming success of her book which is inspiring people to gain a new perspective of their life encouraging them to heal, believe in themselves and define their experiences rather than allow their experiences to define them is especially gratifying to M.J. as she strives to teach as many people as possible to live with passion and purpose.

She states, “I feel blessed by the experiences and opportunities which have led me to this place in my life. As my students and clients gain clarity around their own lives and start to heal, I know I am living my purpose. And when they begin to teach others what they have learned, the circle is complete.”

M.J. is currently completing her second book, Waves Of Wisdom: Step Into The Power of Awakening which will be published later this year. Her current book, Waves Of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul, is available at Amazon and other online stores as well as on her website at where you will also find Guidance Cards based on the book.


Guided Synergy Magazine is available online at or look for it in stores near you.

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Alberta Author Wins Gold Medal

4th Annual Living Now Book Of The Year Award

Inspirational Book Gives You Tools To Empower Your Life


Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada September 14, 2012 

Local author and Amazon Bestseller, M.J.(Marilyn) Domet, has won an overall gold medal for her empowering book, Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul, representing the aspect of spirit from the Jenkins Group which initiated the annual “Living Now Book Awards” four years ago.

M.J. Domet’s early life was definitely not an indication of where her path would lead her. Through the tears of her experiences, the tragedies and the triumphs, M.J. has built her reputation as a best-selling, multi-award-winning author, workshop facilitator, inspirational speaker, mentor and radio host. In her 12+ years as owner of Expect To Be Empowered, M.J. has inspired hundreds of clients and students, empowering them with life changing tools and guiding them on their journey to enlightenment.

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Marilyn Dometraschuk, known in the literary world as “M.J. Domet”, lives in Alberta, Canada. A spiritual teacher of energy workshops, she focuses on the release of emotional trauma from the body, mind and soul. In 2012, she was named ‘The Ashford Radio Inspirational Author of the Year’ for her #1 Spirituality Amazon Bestselling book, Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul. M.J. inspires people to gain a new perspective on their life by helping them reach their potential at all levels, to live limitlessly with passion and purpose.

→ BEAVERLODGE, AB, CANADA, September 12, 2011 /Cambridge Who’s Who/ — Marilyn J. Dometraschuk, Owner of The Gemini Potential, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in personal and spiritual development counseling services.  For Full Story click here


M.j. is available to travel to events wherever she is invited.


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