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Working with YOUR Corporate Team

Remember The Games You played As a Kid?

Who Knew They Were Preparing You For Life!

1. Red Rover, Red Rover!

How important are your boundaries to you? 

Are they important enough that you actually respect them yourself and how well does that respect translate to others?

2. Follow The Leader

What type of leader are you? 

How do your leadership skills fit in to your life, or do they?

3. Kick The Can

The most overused word today is stress. It has become the catch phrase for almost every complaint from fatigue to illness. It’s time for a new definition!

4. Tug- A- War

Teamwork has never looked so good. The results you want are there. They just need a little tweaking.

5. Spin The Bottle

It’s there- hidden within all the day to day brain numbing matter. Pull out your creative mind, dust it off and go!


A way to look at stress from a different perspective and realize the importance of setting boundaries.” Northwest Peace Community Adult Learning Council


Each Workshops can be as single event or all done in a series, in a day or as evening workshops. 

Workshops are 2 hours in length.

To find out if this is a fit for you contact M.J. at

Contact: M.J. For dates, cost and venues or check to find out on her calendar of events