Oracle Guidance Cards

Oracle Guidance Cards are Now Available:

My 32 card Guidance Cards are based on:

‘Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul’.

So many of my readers have told me they use my book from an guidance perspective that I took it as inspiration to create this deck of cards.

M.J. Domet


The photos on the cards are the same ones used in my book, but in full colour!

Each Deck contains 32 cards with a unique thought and affirmation on each card 
plus a 33rd card with suggestions for using the cards packaged in a case.

You can own your own set for $15.00 CAD.
See below 

View of cards... front and back

Example of a guidance card: 
  • front is a full coloured picture

  • Backside of card comes with a thought and affirmation

  • To increase your awareness towards enlightenment…


Order payments are through paypal or e-transfer. Please let us know.

To Order: Click the link below and it should bring up your email. With the subject link "Order Oracle Guidance Cards" Fill the the number of decks you want and MJ will send you an Invoice.

 M. J. Domet