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You have probably heard that you are your own healer, but question how to make that true for you. No one can “fix” you because you are not broken, but there are tools for you to begin the enlightening journey to self empowerment and find inspiration for your life.
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I love the format of this book-very easy to read. I am not much for poetry, but I came to love it! The pictures in the book were so spiritual and fitting to that subject-love them! I belong to an MS group, where our logo is a butterfly-a sign of change. The book contains a reference to a butterfly-made me think we sure picked the right item for the logo! I also enjoy meditation. The book referred to meditation a couple of times and how important it is to still the mind. This book was like my bible-I could not put it down. There was so much information in the book I could relate to-we really have to thank the author for sharing this information and her personal experiences with us. We are so lucky to have such a caring, supportive individual in our area of the province. I will be keeping this book very close to my heart, and re-reading it many times. I believe in this book so much that I intend to give others a copy of the book as a gift. I am sure they will enjoy the book as much as I did. Very Easy to ReadJo @ Amazon.com



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