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My Mission is to Support Your Journey to Empowerment and Enlightenment

You have probably heard that you are your own healer, but question how to make that true for you. No one can “fix” you because you are not broken, but there are tools for you to begin the enlightening journey to self empowerment and find inspiration for your life.
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What an amazing book; I felt nothing but love when I read this book. My heart filled with wonder and awe, as I got deeper into reading the affirmations and poetry. I related to the author’s story and understood the feeling of not belonging and being different as she laid out in the book. Through this I now understand my journey in life to this point and am getting closer to accepting myself as I am. With the assistance of this book, my body, my mind and soul and my connection to spirit is getting stronger every day… My heart filled with wonder and awe J. BensonCanada


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