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Posted by M.J. Domet on Monday, October 24, 2016


Writer’s Workshop Hello, dear Maryiln! Meeting you at the Regina library session has been etched in my heart’s memory forever! 🙂 Your book and affirmation cards are exactly what I need in my soul journey at this time. How blessed I am to have received this! There was something instantly compelling about being with you that has infused me with hope, love and goodness. THANK YOU for the gift of your wisdom, your life and your love. I hope we can meet again some day. Please let me know if you are ever in Regina. I would love to be in your presence again. In a few days, my husband and I leave for Ontario (by train) to visit friends, family and for me to attend a harp conference. I took up learning how to play harp lately – imagine that! It is SO good to be doing this. Our travel will be a lovely respite from our routine. Adventure, here we come! Sending love and joy, Maryanne What My soul Journey NeedsMaryanne



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